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«Cathay»: the history of the encounter between East and West
«Cathay» is the name used by Europeans in the 16th century to refer to China, where the elaboration of traditional Chinese medicine is dated 1250 BC.

Massage therapy and acupuncture: university training in China
Nowadays, the two main disciplines of traditional Chinese medicine, massage therapy and acupuncture are part of the university courses offered in about 30 medical universities in China.

Contribution in the West: rules of hygiene and asepsis
In the West, on the one hand, Dr. Pehr Henrik Ling, elected in 1831 at the Swedish Medical Academy, is considered "father of Western massage therapy". With the aid of a Chinese massage therapist named "Ming", Dr. Ling sets up the "Swedish massage". On the other hand, it was not until the 17th century that theories on acupuncture reached Europe. At the present time, thanks to the development of contemporary medicine, rules of hygiene and asepsis are rigorously applied in the practice of massage therapy and acupuncture.

Mission of our clinic: selection of regulated and insured practitioners
Unfortunately, especially because of the language barrier, after their immigration to Quebec, not all Chinese massage therapists and acupuncturists are able to successfully complete the process of equivalence recognition of their training. As a result, some of them work in an unregulated manner even without professional liability insurance. To protect our clientele, Clinique Cathay's mission is to carefully select regulated and insured practitioners, who come from the country of origin of massage therapy and acupuncture.

‘‘The greatest secret to happiness is to be well with one's self.’’

Quotation by Bernard Fontenelle

Health cares in our clinic

Western / eastern massage therapy and acupuncture

Le massage suédois

Swedish massage

This is the type of massage most practiced in the Western world.

This approach with oil combines firmness and softness.

It includes a series of maneuvers applied to the musculature and is performed in a precise order acting on the whole nervous system and favoring a deep relaxation.

La réflexologie des pieds

Foot reflexology

This practice has a dual origin. On the one hand, the Chinese practiced it during Antiquity. On the other hand, in the West, one of the first works on the subject was published in 1582 by two European doctors, Dr. Adamus and Dr. Atatis.

Exercising a sustained pressure with fingertips on reflex areas or points on the feet, reflexology is designed to provide relief to all kinds of diseases: headaches, back pain, stress, etc.

Le Tuina


Tuina is the oriental body therapy used in China for 2000 years.

Although less known in the Western world, this approach is the origin of several types of Japanese massage, for example, Amma and Shiatsu.

Taught in China in about 30 universities of traditional Chinese medicine, Tuina, as a therapeutic modality, promotes blood and energy circulation and helps to reduce pain.



Acupuncture is one of the disciplines of Oriental Traditional Medicine. In Quebec, the Act on Acupuncture defines it as "a traditional oriental method whose goal is to improve health or relieve pain".

Recognized as a Traditional Medicine by the World Health Organization (WHO), acupuncture was included in UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on 16 November 2010.

Salle de Massothérapie Cathay

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